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How much do lessons cost?

Instrumental lessons can start from as little as £84 (inc. VAT) per term. This is based on children learning in groups of 4 over a 30 minute lesson. Smaller groups and individual lessons are more expensive. If you are interested in 1-1 lessons please contact us for more information. In some schools we have to apply a surcharge to cover the cost of hiring the teaching room at the school. This will be detailed on your invoice and will also be clear on your original booking form.

Do I need to buy my child an instrument?

WorldBeatsMusic Ltd will provide instruments to use during lessons at NO extra cost. We recommend that for the first few lessons you avoid buying an instrument. If your son/daughter shows a keen interest and is enjoying the lessons then we would highly recommend purchasing a starter instrument. No one expects beginners to turn up with a top of the range instrument. If you find an instrument that you are interested in, please feel free to send us the details and we can offer up some advice.

My child has a pre-planned school trip/residential that clashes with their lesson. What do I do?

It is important that you inform us asap. At the beginning of each academic term we will send out a list of our term dates. If you notice a clash and inform us with at least 48 hours notice we can credit the lesson fee to your next invoice. If we arrive at a school to teach and find that the children are away and we have not been informed then you will be liable for the lesson fee.

What happens if the instrumental teacher is away/off sick?

If your child’s teacher is absent due to ill health then we will endeavour to send a replacement teacher for that lesson. If this isn’t possible then your next bill will be credited with the cost of that lesson.

What happens if my child is ill/on holiday?

Unfortunately if your child is ill we cannot make the lesson up unless we have 48 hours notice. If your child is on holiday then we can reschedule the lesson as long as we receive 48 hours notice. If we cannot do this then the lesson fee will be credited off your invoice for next term. If your child is ill two days before a lesson, please inform us to cancel the lesson. If your child suddenly perks up on the day of the lesson we can always reinstate the lesson as normal. But if we do not hear about your child’s absence at least 48 hours before the lesson you will still be charged.

My Child forgot to attend the lesson. What happens?

Tutors will make every effort to locate your son/daughter. On the rare occasion that this isn’t possible then unfortunately the lesson can’t be made up. We encourage children to be responsible and part of that responsibility is remembering their instruments, record books and lesson time!

How do I pay my bill?

Payments can be made by online bank transfer/credit & debit card/cash & cheques. Cash and cheques can be posted to our office: Ryalls Barn, Manor Farm, Church St, Appleford-on-Thames, Abingdon, OXON, OX14 4PA, or they can be handed to your instrumental teacher. To pay by card please call 01235 847050. All details are printed on the bottom of your invoice.

My child wishes to stop having lessons. What do I do?

In the event that your child wishes to stop tuition, please notify us as soon as possible via the details on our CONTACT page. Cancellations should not be made through schools/tutors or children. We require at least half a terms notice and unfortunately we are unable to offer refunds to the current term.