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Instrumental Tuition in Schools

Instrumental Lessons for Schools









Learning to play an instrument is as rewarding as it is challenging.

In developing skills through a musical instrument children and students encourage their own development, discipline, coordination, focus and concentration. As well as this students notice an improvement in general health and well being!

Music can also help improve children’s understanding of other curriculum based subjects such as English and Maths.

WorldBeatsMusic have expert tutors that will come into your school every week and teach those students that have signed up to instrumental lessons.

We can teach instrumental lessons on:

  • Drum Kit

  • Percussion

  • Acoustic and Electric Guitar

  • Piano

  • Singing


Once we have received an online enrolment from those students that wish to start lessons we will put together a draft timetable. If a school or parents wish the lessons to be at a particular time of day, such as break or lunch time, we can coordinate this. If you make a note on your online enrolment we will do our absolute best to accommodate your requirements. Alternatively, if you do not want your child missing the same lesson time every week we can put in place a rotating timetable. That way students lesson time change each week to ensure the same class-based lesson time isn’t missed consistently. Again, if you make a note on your booking we will put this in place with the school.

Booking and Contact

If you are interested in getting instrumental lessons started at your school please get in contact with us today. We will come into your school and organise a time when when we can come in and do a recruitment assembly. Our tutors will then come in and do a performance assembly for all the school and hand out booking forms at the end. Once we have received enough booking forms we will create a timetable that fits in with the school and students requirements. This process takes on average two weeks. Give us a call in the office on 01235 847050. Send us an email to info@worldbeatsmusic.co.uk


Please see a breakdown of our pricing which is active as of April 2016. Please note we invoice termly and we deliver 10 lesson per term:

  • Group of 4 for 30 minutes – £7.00 per lesson + VAT

  • Group of 2 for 30 minutes or an Individual 15 minutes – £13.00 + VAT

  • Individual 30 minutes – £23.00 + VAT