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Testimonials From Events

Feedback from an African Drumming Workshop held on Saturday 23rd May 2015

Thanks for a wonderful afternoon, everyone enjoyed themselves so much-from the youngest to the oldest!  It really started the afternoon/evening incredibly well and you were pitched it perfectly.

All the best and I hope we can have another lesson sometime soon.


Thanks to Laura too!”



Little Wittenham, Abingdon, Oxfordshire, OX14 4QZ

African Drumming workshops as part of the Jubilee Beacon event.

Monday 4th June 2012

Dear Laura and Richard,

Well, the two of you were absolute stars on Monday.  Thank you so much for doing far more than you or we ever expected.  Without your valiant energy and engagement in so many aspects of the 2 events, both occasions would have been very much less impressive.

The drumming workshops, Richard, and your impromptu evening drumming session with the public, were wonderful, and I just dread to think what state your hands were in by the end of the day.  Both young and old loved them, as you could see for yourself.

The drum-making activity, Laura, was also a huge hit, and it was so kind of you to spend lots of time with hordes of young children who wanted to make a drum out of a motley collection of left-over containers.

Anyway, it’s been a huge pleasure linking up with you, and I just hope that you too enjoyed the experience – both the advance run-up to the event, and the day itself.  I would love to link up with you both again, and hope that we can have a meeting before long to talk about an idea or two.   How does your diary look the week starting June 18?  Do you want to suggest a time?

Finally, massive thanks to you both for your absolutely invaluable contribution towards making both Beacon Parties the success that they were – the miraculous weather was also a major factor in making the day so memorable!


Very best wishes to you both,

Victoria Cliff-Hodges’

Event Manager, The Earth Trust